And at the end of it all…

I feel like I’ve completely wasted my day.

A two-hour meeting and five hours of trying to manipulate data later, I’ve come to the realization that this proposed project will never be profitable under the present given circumstances. And a simple look at the EBITDA could have told me this days ago.

Ah, but it was a good exercise, or so I’m telling myself now.

So now I have a gigantic headache and I desperately want to go home. It’s been a long week already, and it’s only Wednesday.

My family is in town, and I feel terrible because I haven’t spent any time with them. Not that they aren’t entertained, mind you. We saw each other yesterday (my sister and nieces babysat The Boy while my husband and I had dinner in honor of our second anniversary) and are going to have dinner together tonight. But I still wish I could be hanging out with them. Alas, my vacation clock does not reset until my second anniversary at work, and that isn’t until July.

I need to catch him in the act and photograph the moment, but The Boy has a favorite friend, a little bear I’ve named “Tommy Bear”. (He’s named Tommy Bear because he’s wearing a Who t-shirt and is a bear. I’m not very original, I know.) This morning, when he woke up (in a good mood, I have to add), I picked him up and handed Tommy Bear to him, and he immediately grabbed the bear and snuggled against him. It’s really quite cute. It does, however, mean that I need to get a second bear that I can switch out for the other when I wash it. Thankfully, it’s not a discontinued model.

Does anyone have the Twilight Turtle by Cloud B? I’m a little frustrated with it because the blue and green lights have burned out, and you can’t see the stars anymore. I just sent them an e-mail asking if they have replacement lights. In this day and age of LEDs and such, you’d think some little light bulbs would last much longer than a year. Goodness – The Boy’s ceiling fan light gets much more use than the Turtle, and that hasn’t needed replacing at all!


Well, this is enough procrastinating for me. I still need to present the findings of today’s futile exercise tomorrow, and in order to do so, I still need to make pretty charts and graphs (because nothing says “We would lose money” like a graph that immediately goes into the red). And if I hurry, I’ll be out of here just after 5! Hurray!


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