So far, totally loving it!

I got my BumGenius 3.0 diapers from Cotton Babies yesterday! Of course, I was really late coming home, but I was determined to give them a go as soon as possible.

I eagerly tore open the package and took out the diapers, extra inserts, and liners.

If I have a complaint, it’s that I’m not 100% sure how to use the full-size inserts. It’s got these snaps on it, see, and I’m not sure which side of the diaper they belong, nor why they are even there. Nor did they come with instructions, and I’m a big fan of instructions (unless I’m building furniture). If someone out there is familiar with these inserts, would you mind enlightening me?

Anyway, as soon as I could (meaning, after The Boy was asleep and the dishes were mostly done), I tossed the new diapers and inserts into the wash. Now the directions for washing them said to wash them twice, once in cold water and then again in hot. In all honesty, I didn’t have the time to wash them twice, and I wasn’t too sure of why it needed to be washed twice (what good is saving money on diapers if I end up spending that much on water?), and I was anxious to use them that evening when The Boy next awoke. So, as soon as the wash was finished, into the dryer they went.

When the dryer beeped, I rushed to collect my bounty. The diapers themselves were nice and dry, and the microfiber inserts, well, they were dry, too, but I wanted to make sure they would quickly absorb liquids. So, I took one of the newborn inserts to the sink and pour water on top of it. Sure enough, the insert soaked the water almost immediately. Hurray!

I then assembled the diapers, complete with laying a flushable liner on top, and put them onto the changing table in The Boy’s room so that they would be ready to go. Assembly was very easy, except for the snaps on the inserts because I really didn’t know what to do with them.

The Boy awoke around 2:30, thirsty, cranky, and sorely needing a change out of his very wet disposable diaper. Eager to use the new diapers, I gleefully put him on the changing table and proceeded to put on the new BumGenius.

I will be honest here: if not for the fact that I was convinced he would poop first thing in the morning, I would have done without the flushable liner. It’s not easy to maneuver in the wee hours of the morning. Other than that, this was no different from putting him in a disposable diaper. Seriously.

This morning, we had to wake The Boy (an oddity, considering the past few weeks). After his little bouts of protest (which Cute Husband fully enjoyed observing), he finally let me pick him up out of the crib. As I held him, I realized that I couldn’t smell anything, which meant he either didn’t pee or poop, or the diaper held in the smell very well. After a quick breakfast of bananas, cereal and milk, I undressed him out of his pajamas and let him crawl around a bit clad only in the diaper. I wanted to see if he was uncomfortable moving in it or if it left marks on his legs. Because I only bought white diapers, they looked a lot like his Pampers, only without the Sesame Street characters. Cute Husband picked him up and held him and noted that he didn’t even know diapers like these existed. (I have a feeling if I shared my research with him, he would have been a little more excited about trying them. My mistake!)

I got The Boy back in his room to change his diaper and get him ready for school. When I removed his diaper, I noted that he did not poop (much to my dismay – I was so looking forward to seeing the flushable liner in action), but that he did, in fact, pee. The insert was soaked, but the main diaper itself (and my boy’s bottom) were completely dry! Amazing! Additionally, there were no marks on his bottom or legs indicating a diaper rash or a poor fit. So far, so good!

Now I just need to get a little pail to put in his room for his dirty diapers. I immediately put this set in the washer (though not to be washed today, mind you, because I have so much to do with his upcoming birthday gathering), but I don’t know how often I’ll be able to do that.

I’m going to give it another go tonight, but I have a strong feeling I’ll be ordering more diapers tomorrow so we can start exclusively using them at home!


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