“There’s a PARTY in my tummy!” (so yummy, so yummy)

I’ve been trying to keep The Boy from watching TV. It’s not so hard to do when it’s just the two of us, but the TV helps my husband unwind, and I’m certainly not going to ban my husband from watching TV.

As I’m sure a number of parents out there can attest, keeping your kidlets from the brain-sucker in the living room is not an easy task. And this weekend, I discovered that The Boy really enjoys watching Yo Gabba Gabba.

I really can’t complain. There are, after all, far worse things for him to watch. Yo Gabba Gabba is, after all, somewhat educational, and he likes the music. His favorite song? “There’s a Party in My Tummy”, of course. We discovered this Saturday afternoon when Cute Husband was trying to coax him out of the kitchen where I was making hummus. Apparently, there was a Banana Song on a previous episode, and he was trying to find it on TiVo for me. The song happened to come on, and The Boy immediately dropped to the floor and crawled as fast as he could to the coffee table, where he pulled himself to standing and began to dance.

So now this song is stuck in my head. I actually sang it to myself as I was having a snack: “Cheese! Yeah, party party in my tummy! Yeah! Party party! Jello! Yeah, party party in my tummy! Yeah! Party party!”

Someone please commit me. I’ve officially lost my mind.


2 thoughts on ““There’s a PARTY in my tummy!” (so yummy, so yummy)

  1. LOL. i didn't even try to keep mia away from the TV. haha! we got her hooked on the backyardigans when she was like, 4 months old. see? told you i was a bad mom. 😛 hehe.that's my favorite yo gabba gabba song, too! your son has good taste. 😛 hehe.

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