The Boy’s Big Disney Day

We took The Boy to the Magic Kingdom yesterday to get his hair cut. His birthday is on Saturday, and I really wanted his hair to look good (read: not in his face) on his birthday. After all, there will be lots of pictures taken!

As if he knew something exciting was in store for him, he awoke at 4:45 and didn’t want to go back to sleep. Around 6, he woke up Cute Husband (by crawling over his body and slapping his face), and after a healthy breakfast of bananas and yogurt, we left the house just before 8 o’clock and headed for the Happiest Place on Earth.

Michal, the barber, was cutting someone’s hair when we arrived at the barber shop on Main Street, and there was one other gentleman in front of us. No worries, though: Horace the Horse and Clarabelle were outside the barber shop and The Boy was utterly fascinated.

After his hair cut (and a quick diaper change in the Baby Station – I love that place), we took him to see Mickey and Minnie, then made a beeline for It’s A Small World. He was a trooper while we waited in line (he was watching all the kids around us), but he started falling asleep once we got on the ride! Somewhere between Europe and Asia, he fell fast asleep, and he stayed asleep long enough for Cute Husband and me to enjoy a lovely overpriced theme park lunch.

When he awoke, we went on the People Mover in Tommorowland, then headed back toward Main Street because the skies were threatening to open and soak us. We walked around the Contemporary Resort, then made our way to the Polynesian. Two diaper changes and a minor meltdown later, we were on our way home by 4 o’clock. I fixed his bangs (they were a little crooked because he kept moving his head), and fed him a late afternoon snack. He took a quick 5-minute nap, had a bath around 6 o’clock, then decided to stay up with Cute Husband and me until almost 8:30.

I think we’ll be going back to Disney World (possibly more than just the Magic Kingdom) next weekend while my father-in-law is here, but there’s no telling. I do know that I need to be a little better prepared this next visit, though. A single banana and a small container of Pirate Booty is not enough to keep a growing boy happy!


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