I broke down and did it…

I just placed an order to Cotton Babies and ordered a pack of three BumGenius 3.0 diapers, plus extra inserts and flushable liners. (If it’s true that these liners make cleaning up poopy diapers a snap, then I will be kicking myself continuously for not doing this sooner.)

Plus I found a coupon for 5% off the order. Hey – every little bit helps, right?

As I still have a lot of Size 3 Pampers to go through, I was in no rush and only opted for (free) regular shipping, not expedited or rushed. So, I should get it within two weeks, just in time for my sister’s visit. We’ll see how this whole cloth diapering thing goes. I so hope I don’t get addicted. I have to keep this in check because, after all, it’s only for home use. Provided all goes well, I’ll still be using my Pampers coupons for “school supplies”.


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