Mealtime conversation

The Boy has not been much of a conversationalist lately. This really doesn’t surprise me, as I’ve discovered he likes to perfect one thing at a time. Right now, he seems to be most interested in walking and opening doors, and doesn’t seem to be so concerned with speech. It doesn’t bother me too terribly much; my mother didn’t start speaking until she was almost four, and Einstein didn’t speak until he was three.

But anyway…

Mealtimes are interesting. It’s not so much the actual time The Boy is eating as much as the moments leading up to it. When I put him in his high chair, he resists at first, then seems to realize, “Oh, that’s right. Food is coming.” The grunts that come from his vain attempts to escape are replaced by a quiet cooperation, only to erupt again into “AAAAAAA! AAAAAAAAAA! AAAAAAAAAAAA!” when he actually sees the food coming.

It doesn’t matter what the food is, either. Yesterday, he began screaming, “AAAAAAAAAAAAA!” when he saw me unfolding a bag of bunny crackers. He did the same while he watched me peel a banana for him. This morning, he screamed, “AAAAAAAAAAA! AAAAAAAAAAAA!” when he saw me get the box of Rice Chex from the cupboard.

No matter how many times I try to tell him the name of the food (“Banana. It’s a ba-na-na.”), he responds with the same, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

Of course, once the food is on his tray and he starts shoveling it into his mouth, all conversation ceases… until he wants something to drink. If his sippy cup isn’t within reach, he’ll reach for it, look at me, and deliberately exclaim, “EH!” Again, I try to tell him the name of the beverage (“Do you want water? This is wa-ter.), and he corrects me: “EH!”

These conversations make me wonder: Who’s really teaching whom here?


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