Another memory I don’t want to forget

I have to write this down or I know, at some point, I will forget this ever happened.

Friday night, I asked Cute Husband to change The Boy’s diaper and get him into his pajamas and ready for bed while I used the restroom myself. This isn’t an unusual request; for some odd reason, my bladder is empty before I leave the office but somehow fills to capacity while en route. I don’t understand it.

My bodily functions aside, as I was washing my hands, I heard a very familiar, “C__, come back here!” from my husband. Cute Husband changes The Boy on the ground, and The Boy likes to roll away from him at the most inopportune times. I walked into The Boy’s room and, sure enough, he was crawling towards the door, clad only in his diaper.

I picked him up and placed him back onto the changing mat on the floor. Cute Husband wrestled with The Boy’s legs and successfully removed the diaper… only to have The Boy, now completely naked, roll off the mat, sit up, and heartily laugh at his father. Which made Cute Husband laugh. And The Boy laughed even more.

We had never heard him laugh so much, which is what makes this story so much sweeter and that much more important to remember!

Plus, it’s would be good blackmail material in another 14 years or so.


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