Absolutely exhausted…

… and it’s barely 3 o’clock!

The Boy has discovered a new skill: he can now walk behind his push-toys. (I don’t know what else to call them because they’re not exactly walkers, but they’re designed for wee ones to stand behind them and, well, walk.)

I had an idea he was ready to do it Friday morning when I took him to school. I tried to get him to sit down in one place, but he kept moving his legs, propelling us both forward. When I got home that evening, I watched him interact with one of his push-toys, and saw that he was pulling himself up on it. I pointed it out to Cute Husband, and he suggested we bring him to the living room and let him loose.

Well, he’s been wanting to push his toys ever since. And if he’s not in the mood to do that, he’ll do laps around the coffee table and send to the ground everything within reach (which, you have to understand, is just about everything on the coffee table – he’s figured out how to stretch on tip-toe).

The upside to all of this activity, of course, is that it’s tiresome (for both of us, but mostly, I think, for him), and he’s back to taking two naps a day. Well, he took two naps yesterday and is down for his second one today, but I suppose we’ll have to see what he does at school before we can officially say he’s back to two naps a day. The other amazing thing, of course, is that these are long naps – we’re talking two hour naps here! (Yesterday, about twenty minutes after putting him down for his first nap, I left to run errands at Target and Lowes. I was gone almost two hours. When I came home, he was still asleep!)

Today, I’m exhausted because I was very busy yesterday (though I couldn’t tell you what I did), and I’ve spent the late morning (after my own nap, which I took while he was napping) and the early afternoon trying to get some laundry done. Of course, now that he’s napping, I’ve already got a load in both the washer and the dryer, and I’ve got a pile of clothes to fold, too, but I can always fold clothes while watching him flip through magazines.


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