50 weeks (or, Renaming Baby C)

That’s how old my baby was yesterday.

Only, he’s showing fewer baby traits every day. Last night, as I was preparing him for bed, he not only cooperated but helped while I was giving him his vitamins and brushing his teeth. When I brought him into the bathroom, he still had a pacifier in his mouth. I prepared the dropper for his vitamins; he saw the dropper, took the pacifier out of his mouth, allowed me to squirt the vitamins into his mouth, then replaced the pacifier. He did it again for the Mylicon (poor little guy has a very gassy tummy at night) and for his toothbrush.

This morning, I spoke at length with his teacher about his behavior in school. This is a very sweet child, and he’s cuddly and loveable and so very sweet… unless you get into his space uninvited, and then he will scream and holler until you either leave him alone or he finds a means of escape. He carefully observes and assesses new situations before deciding upon his course of action, but if you tell him he can’t do something or have something, be prepared to face a minor meltdown.

He also has a good grasp of how many things work in this world. Take, for example, the kitchen cabinets. We have Tot-Loks on them (since he was just 2 months old, courtesy of my father-in-law), which is great because he can’t get into them. (In fact, we can’t either, unless we have the magnet.) The other morning, I opened the cabinet under the sink to put away the Pine Sol, and he quickly crawled to it after I shut the door, hoping to open it. He tugged at it, pushed my leg out of the way (probably thinking I was blocking it), tugged some more, then stared up at me with his big brown eyes and proceeded to wail. Loudly. And when I didn’t open it for him, the wail grew louder, at a higher pitch.

He’s still easily distracted (thank goodness), so these fits don’t last too terribly long.

But this recent behavior has prompted me to rethink the name I’ve been using for him on my blog. After all, he’s clearly no longer a baby, but very much a little boy. So, henceforth, Baby C will now be known as The Boy.

Though, really, he’s always going to be a baby to me!


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