A scary thought…

L is a really nice lady whose son, J, is in Baby C’s class at day care. He’s about 4 months old, I think, and he’s really quite sweet. (I think all babies are sweet, though.)

Anyway, this morning, L and I dropped off our boys at the same time, and she was watching me put Baby C’s stuff away and exclaimed, “I love how you label everything!” (I have a label maker at home, one that I’ve had for years and years now.)

“Thanks,” I said. “I’m admittedly a little neurotic about labeling all his stuff.”

“I’m going to do that with all of J’s stuff,” she said. “I love looking at all of Baby C’s things because they’re so perfectly organized.”

I finished putting the last of Baby C’s food and milk in the refrigerator and stood up. “Oh, thank you! I try.”

She continued, “I told my husband all about you and Baby C, and I told him I want to do everything for J that you do for your little boy!”

Oh dear God.

I know (think?) she means it as a compliment, so I will take it as such. But I think I’m freakishly obsessive about all of Baby C’s stuff – from what he owns to what he ingests – and I don’t necessarily think I’m a good role model.

But a compliment is a compliment, right? Maybe this means I’m really not such a terrible mother….


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