May I gush for a moment?

I love our pediatrician’s office. No, I seriously do. I was telling one of my newly-announced pregnant girlfriends the other night that I really like Baby C’s doctor, but more important, I absolutely adore the staff. My excursion there this morning simply drove the point home.

Yesterday, I got a call from school asking if I would please please get a doctor’s note for school saying that it’s okay to give the baby some infant Tylenol when he’s in pain from teething, as he was yesterday. I called the office, and they told me I could pop into the office – whenever I had a chance – to get one. No problem.

Now, whenever we go to the doctor, the nurses and the staff are always so friendly, and they always recognize Baby C. He’s got a fairly unique first name, and I think he’s got remarkable features, so I simply thought they looked at the list of appointments and recognized his name, so they knew to expect him.

But this morning, when we arrived, Danielle, the nurse at the front, was finishing with another patient when she looked up at us and exclaimed, “Baby C!” (Okay, she used his real name. Just go with me on this.) Then she asked me, “What’s wrong with Baby C today?”

“He’s teething something awful,” I said, “and I just need to get a doctor’s note for school saying that it’s okay for him to have Tylenol.”

“Oh, is that all?” she asked me. Then to Baby C, she said, “Are your tiny little gums hurting you, big guy? Well, we’ll get that fixed right away!” She got up to get his file.

Mind you, I haven’t signed in, I haven’t said anything except what I needed – nothing. So, when she came back out, I started spelling our last name for her, thinking she forgot to ask.

“I know who you are!” she said to me, waving his file. “There’s no need for that!”

Within three minutes, we were back in the car and on the way to school.

I cannot say enough nice things about my pediatrician and his office. Honestly. Just when I think I’ve had the best experience there, they go and top it. Thank goodness Dr W does more than pediatric medicine, because I would be hard-pressed to find another doctor like him with a team of nurses like his!


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