My blog, my confessional…

I found a loophole in the rules of my Shopping Embargo. I am allowed to purchase embargoed goods as presents for others, provided they are legitimate presents, right? But at no point did I say that I was not allowed to purchase any presents for myself on someone’s behalf. This is a loophole that will be closed immediately starting right this moment, because I already went back to Target and purchased a sleek new red Nintendo DS Lite for myself, on behalf of my husband, as an early 2nd anniversary present.

Oh, and I bought one for him, too.

And a carrying case with all the necessary travel gear.

And two games.

So that’s it! I am done! No more shopping for myself! This means no gifts, no treats, no nothing!!!

And really, for this transgression, I really ought to push my end date forward a bit to the end of August. But I’ll see how I feel at the end of this month. If I promise to be really really really good, I think I might let myself off easy.

But only this once.


8 thoughts on “My blog, my confessional…

  1. My parents would buy presents that way. They'd come home and say to the other, "look what you got me for my birthday!" But they never were doing a shopping embargo (at least not that I knew of).

  2. Oh, a lovely red DS. I wanted one of those, but I got a white one for christmas and I was too wimpy to ask if I could exchange it… not to mention eager to rip into the box and start it up. :)What games did you get?

  3. I hold you partially responsible for my transgression, you know. You went on and on and on about how much you luuuuuurve yours…
    Anyway, I got the Brain Age games. They're addictive. I have to keep playing each day and get my stamps so I can unlock more stuff. but now I can play Sudoku before I go to bed and not worry about lost pen caps anymore!

  4. oh, and i don't feel guilty AT ALL! hehehe…brain age! so fun :)i love that about my DS. i love playing sudoku and not losing pens and pencils. hehe. unfortunately, i have lost a stylus, though. thank god they have 2 in there! hehehe.

  5. After I brought the systems home, I realized that our new toys match our phones. (My husband has a little black phone; mine is red… like my office accessories at work.)
    I'm enjoying the Brain Age games. I've tasked my husband to pick up R4 cards for each of us so that we can play even more games (and watch movies) on it, but that may be a while, yet, as R4s are pretty hard to come by these days.

  6. Matching gadgets – very cute. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have the first brain age game. I, too, was obsessed with unlocking all of the games. Somehow, though, when I unlocked the last one, I never played it again. I like that I can 'compete' with my partner, though – it drives him insane to see my name with a higher score than him on anything, so it's fun to see him tortured.
    R4 cards… I'm not enough of a gadget/gaming geek to know what those are (my cell phone is silver, my PSP is black, my DS is white… holy toledo).. off to google it.

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