Temptation looms…

I am pleased to report that I still have not purchased anything on my banned list. This is not to say that I have not bought anything. Rather, it means I have only purchased things that are necessities.

Among my recent purchases:

  • Hannah Montana t-shirts for my nieces. They love Hannah Montana (High School Musical is so 2007, you know), and as they both have birthdays coming up, I thought it was appropriate. Total cost for the two shirts: $13 plus tax.
  • Diapers for the baby. I think it goes without saying that these were a necessity. But I got them all on sale, and now I have enough diapers until he moves up to Size 4.
  • Food.
  • Toddler spoons for the baby. I have two that I inherited from my sister, but Baby C hasn’t taken to them. I’m hoping he’ll do a better job with these new spoons.

Today, I have to go on a field trip to the Lake Buena Vista Outlets, where my company has an outlet location. Is it completely necessary that I go? Well, no, not really. But I have stuff to return, and I need to go to the Carter’s outlet, anyway (Baby C desperately needs new pajamas, which I’m really hoping they will have), and I’d really like to leave work a little early and get a jump start on my weekend.

This does mean, of course, that I will be sorely tempted at every turn. So it’s a good thing I’ve printed out my Shopping Embargo rules to make sure I stay within the letter (in case the spirit fails) of the law.

But temptation does not stop there. Oh, no. You see, there’s a new Target coming to my area, and it opens on Sunday. And they sent me a coupon for $5 a purchase of $25 or more. So, of course there will be plenty of things that I will see and say, “Oh, I want that!” And then I need to rein myself in, and remind myself, “Eileen, this is a Target. There are plenty of other Targets all over the country.”

And did I mention that JoAnn’s had all kinds of crazy 10% off coupons in last Sunday’s paper? It’s like somebody knows, and they’re trying to make me fall off the wagon!


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