Definitely his own little person…

Baby C is still asleep. I’m letting him sleep in these mornings, especially since I think he may still be recovering from last week’s jaunt to the West Coast. As long as he’s up by 8, we’ll be fine. A late start does mean, though, that I’m shoveling food into his mouth at breakfast rather than letting him observe the properties of a piece of banana, but he’ll get enough opportunity for that at school, too.

A few moments ago, I went into his room to check on him and see if he was anywhere near waking up. I opened the door – not so gently – and saw him laying on his tummy, his butt in the air, and his face pressed against the crib railing. As soon as light flooded into his room from the open doorway, he snorted (there’s no other way to describe it), turned his head, and let out a very disgruntled sigh.

So, I’ll give him a few more minutes to lie in, but after that, he’s got a date with a high chair, some applesauce, and a spoon!


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