Day Three of the Embargo

I promise I will stop doing daily reports on this, but I am so very proud of myself today!

I just boxed up birthday presents for four friends who all have birthdays before the beginning of August. (This now means I am finished with birthday shopping for all but one friend.) Moreover, I picked up not one, not two, but three wallets for my husband so that he can finally retire his (which I bought for him in, oh, 2000?) and have backups when the next wallet falls apart. I also got some fun onesies for the baby and his friends (complete with matching bibs), and a bunch of shirts for myself.

And I didn’t spend a single penny!

That’s right! Two or three times a year, my department sells off all the sample products that don’t make the cut for the new season’s line. Think of it as a giant department garage sale. Anyway, in exchange for setting up the room for the sale and working the sale, people in my department get to sort through items and take the things we want – all before the doors open and the feeding frenzy begins.

So, I essentially bartered my time and energy for these goods. And, as I didn’t spend any money, it’s all well within the guidelines I previously set forth for myself.

[smiling] Freebies rock!


3 thoughts on “Day Three of the Embargo

  1. wait a second… do you work for a retailer too???? hahahaha! this just makes this all the more hilarious. i love it. you're so organized, too! nice work!

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