Haikus from yesterday’s meeting

Yesterday morning, I had a meeting that lasted all morning. It was particularly stressful for me because I really needed to get home to Baby C so that Cute Husband could go to work (we staggered our work schedules yesterday and today).

Anyway, I wrote the following haikus during the meeting in an effort to stay awake.

Here since 4:30

Was quite productive except

Bored now in meeting

Too many speakers

Droning monotone voices

My butt is asleep

I hate PowerPoint

Presentations in the dark

make me go to sleep

So very hungry

How many presenters left?

It’s never-ending

Why so tired still?

Coffee not kicking in yet

I need another.

Such a great big yawn

People behind me asleep

Groans – Not over yet!

As you can see, the main theme of the poetry is boredom in a meeting. Writing the haikus actually kept me awake and made it look like I was interested. Of course, one of my coworkers behind me was actually snoring, so…


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