Day Two of the Embargo

Well, with the baby being under the weather, I had to make some purchases today. But as they are for the baby and not for me, they are exempt from the Embargo.

The big purchase was an ear thermometer. I’ve been trying to take Baby C’s temperature, and he won’t sit still long enough for a rectal reading. And the armpit reading is downright impossible now that he can reach over, remove the offensive thermometer from his armpit, and fling it across the room. At least with the ear thermometer, he’s still kind of curious about what I’m doing, and by the time he figures it out, I’ve already taken his temperature and we’re all done.

Oh, and I found it on sale – 20% off. That’s better than a sharp stick in the eye.

I was very tempted to buy a cute little tote that would double as a laptop bag yesterday, but I resisted, remembering the Embargo.

Something tells me this may be a long six months. But if it means a couple of extra dollars in my wallet at the end of this trial run, I know I’ll find a way to manage.


1 thought on “Day Two of the Embargo

  1. Excellent work, Eileen! And good deal on the ear thermometer, I've been thinking of getting one, my little guy pulls the thermometer out from under his arm to check the reading. Not a projectile, but still, not helpful.
    Do you have any yarn in your stash that could be felted? I've seen lots of patterns for cute felted laptop bags, and if you knit it from your stash, it doesn't violate the Embargo…..

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