My shopping embargo

Okay, I read a fellow blogger’s post yesterday and ruminated on it, then another bogger decided that she was going to take the plunge, so I’ve decided, well, it must be possible.

So, I hereby announce my personal shopping embargo.

Clothes shopping has never been a real issue for me. I go through spurts, where I might not buy any clothing for months and months, then suddenly decide to spend a couple hundred dollars in one expedition. At the end of the day, it’s really not as bad as it could be. But I definitely have other vices.

Since shopping for clothing is not a major issue (I think the last item I bought for myself was a belt at the beginning of the year… which I seem to have since left behind in the Philippines and will need to replace before the end of the month), I’ve decided to make up my own rules in my shopping embargo:

  1. No purchasing of new or used clothing (excluding underwear – I own enough socks) – PERIOD. This includes accessories and shoes. No new jewelry, no new shoes, no new ANYTHING. (Not even a concert T-shirt.)
  2. This embargo is limited only limited to adult clothing, meaning that I will not purchase anything for my husband or me. The baby, on the other hand, still needs to be clothed (nakedness – as much as it becomes him – seems to be frowned upon as we do not live in a nudist colony) and I honestly don’t have nearly enough clothes to sustain him for any extended period of time. Toys for the baby are also exempt from this embargo (but they have to specifically be for the baby, and not something like a Nintendo DS, which would really be for me).
  3. I am allowed to accept clothing from others, be it borrowed or hand-me-downs. This also means that when my company has Sample Sales (such as the one we are having at the end of the week), I am allowed to acquire whatever goods I choose, as long as I am not required to outlay any funds.
  4. Alterations, dry-cleaning, and shoe repairs are musts.
  5. No purchasing of new (or used) scrapbooking supplies (excluding adhesives – and only then if I legitimately exhaust all of my supply). This includes paper, ribbon, stickers, etc. Since my magazine subscriptions have already kicked in and do not need renewal until the end of the year, I’m free to continue receiving them. I just can’t buy anything new.
  6. No purchasing of yarn unless I completely use up my existing supply. And even then, I’m sure mom left more than a few skeins for me to use in a project of my choice.
  7. No purchasing of new (or used) books (beginning Monday, February 25, only because there are a couple of books that I want to add to my library), with the exception of work-related books and textbooks (in the event that I either need books for work or choose to return to school before the designated end of my embargo – neither of which is likely, but nothing is impossible).
  8. No purchasing of new (or used) kitchen gadgets, appliances, cookware, or tools. I have a lot in my kitchen already. I could probably stand to get rid of some of it.
  9. No purchasing of new (or used) electronic hardware or software. Since I’ve already done my taxes, I won’t need to buy Turbo Tax. And since Nintendo Wiis are still hard to come by, this really won’t be much of an issue for me.
  10. I am allowed to accept any of my embargoed goods as gifts, provided there is no exchange of money for said goods. Additionally, I am allowed to purchase any of these embargoed goods as gifts for others, provided the gifts are for legitimate occasions (i.e., not just because it’s pay day) and my primary intention is not to then borrow said goods for my own personal use.

In a nutshell, effective immediately (with the exception of books, which I am postponing until Monday, and a new belt, which I will purchase today), I declare an embargo on all goods except foodstuffs and baby items. How long will this embargo last? Jennifer has proposed a year, but her embargo is strictly on clothing. I challenge myself to maintain this embargo until the beginning of August, which is 6 months. At that time, I will re-evaluate my position and share with you, my blogging public.

Wish me luck!


7 thoughts on “My shopping embargo

  1. Wow, good luck! I could probably jump on board with this idea, as well, but since I'm in desperate need of work clothing (since up till now all I've ever needed in that dept. is scrubs and now I'm looking at the need of "grown-up" clothing for the New Job), I can't really not buy anything (how about that sentence for double negatives?) right now… except to maybe not go crazy in the shoe dept.

  2. good luck with your goal. This has given me some food for thought and I am going to take some time later to come up with some 'no shopping' rules that will apply to myself and try to follow them.

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