Another call from school…

At least it’s the first one of the year, and we’re already halfway through the second month.

Baby C isn’t feeling well. I think that goes without saying, considering that his school had to call me. Twice.

The first time, his teacher called to let me know that he had a bad cough (which I already knew), and his breathing was getting a bit more labored. I just bought the little PediaCare humidifier for his room, so I told her that we would use it tonight to see if will clear up his congestion, and tomorrow morning we’d see how he feels.

That was fine. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said, and that was it. I called the doctor’s office to see if there was anything available for tomorrow in the late afternoon, and the receptionist said to call first thing in the morning. Mental note made – check.

Then, about two hours later, I got another call, this time from someone I don’t normally see.

Baby C has an elevated temperature (more than 100 degrees), a bad cough, and, oh, he just threw up.


So, I get back on the phone with the doctor’s office and try to schedule something first thing in the morning. Baby C is a wee one, after all, and vomiting at his age gets you to the front of the line. (I discovered that the first time he had a stomach bug. Not cool that he covered my hoodie with vomit, but it did get us an immediate visit with the doctor.) The office manager said will call me the end of the day and let me know what they can do as far as getting him seen. In the meantime, I just have to wait it out.

* * * * *

Nurse Ann just returned my call, and as suspected, there’s not a whole lot that can be done about the vomiting. (He’s had stomach bugs before, so I kind of knew that.) The coughing combined with the labored breathing, on the other hand, is enough cause for concern that she recommended taking him to the ER this evening if it sounds (or looks) like he’s gasping for air. I just called Cute Husband to let him know what Nurse Ann said, and he told me that Baby C doesn’t sound like he’s having a whole lot of trouble breathing; he’s just got a bad cough.

As for me, I would like nothing more than to rush home and take care of the baby. Sadly, there’s not a whole lot that I would be able to do at home that Cute Husband can’t do, and as today is Tuesday, I have to wait for Finance to hurry up and finish the report I desperately need. It doesn’t look like it will be finished in the next few minutes, so it looks like I’ll be here for a while before I can go home and see for myself how my little one is doing. This morning, he was still playful and cheery. I can only wonder what his disposition will be when I get home.

Tom Petty’s right. The waiting is the hardest part.


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