Paying it forward… again

My sister’s friends sent me their sons’ old clothing through my sister. I don’t know these women and have never interacted with them, so it was truly because of their relationships with my sister (and possibly a desire to clean out their sons’ closets) that they offered to clothe Baby C.

As my son outgrows his clothes, I box them up (or bag them) and give them to my friend Jen, whose son is six months younger than mine. She also receives hand-me-downs from another friend. Well, now that Baby E is outgrowing clothes, Jen has sorted through his clothing and sent to her cousin in California all the new clothes her mother bought. All the hand-me-downs – orginally from Baby C or not – she returned to me this weekend.

I’ll be home in California at the end of the month, and it’s a given that I will see most (if not all) of my childhood girlfriends. One happens to have a 6-week-old boy (Baby D), and I’m happily going to give her a healthy supply of baby clothing for him. No newborn stuff, though – he’s now in 3-month attire. (No surprise – I’m telling those who ask what size clothing I need for Baby C to get him things in the 18-24 month range.)

So, among my other chores tonight, I plan on packing for my trip to LA-la-land and sorting through the returned baby clothes as I do so. I’m sure I’ll encounter quite a few memorable outfits that I’ll want to keep for posterity (or a second child), but my main purpose will be to help clothe Baby D.

It’s not every day you have a chance to pay a kindness forward. Even more rare is the opportunity to do it twice!


3 thoughts on “Paying it forward… again

  1. my cousin's girl is a few years older than mia so i get all her clothes, too :Dand i always pass my clothes on to other people… just acquaintances. so far none of my close friends have had girls. so when i actually do have to buy clothes, i buy unisex stuff so i can pass them onto my friends 🙂

  2. That is so cool that you can do that. My friend's niece had twins and at the baby shower she got all kinds of hand me downs from friends that had older boys. When her boys were getting older her sister had a baby and she was able to giver her some clothes.

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