But can she play guitar?

My older niece, J, is 6 years old and will be 7 in just a few months. She’s got a very busy schedule: Girl Scouts, her theater club, soccer practice, Sunday school, and, added this year, piano lessons. All on top of being a straight-A first-grader. (Definitely my sister’s offspring.)

J also recently had the lead in her theater group’s fall production of Oliver. Yes, she played the title role, and did an awesome job of it from all accounts. She’s quite the little actress, and she’s got a very good singing voice, too. (Definitely my niece.) The funniest thing was that earlier this year, my sister was telling me that she needed to sit down with her before the next auditions and explain that it’s okay if she doesn’t get the lead again. Or even a supporting lead (which she had in her first production). I think it goes without saying that the kid has talent.

So last night, while I was talking to my sister, I heard J playing piano – and sort of singing along while she practiced. It was adorable! Just when I don’t think I could possibly be more impressed with my nieces, they surprise me again.

My sister sent me a clip of J’s latest piano lesson. Keep in mind that she’s only been playing now for about 8 months. (Or, I think it’s only been 8 months. I’m pretty sure I was at home with the baby when she started.)

The kid sings, dances, acts, and plays piano pretty well – much better than I did after 2 years of lessons. She never ceases to amaze me!


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