QotD: A Chat With My Past

Which one of your ancestors would you most like to talk to?
Submitted by Kathy.

Ooh, this one is a toss-up.

I’d like to talk to either my mother’s father or my mother’s grandmother. Both had profound influences on my mother’s life, and as she’s had a profound influence in mine, I’d like to know more about them and really get a chance to talk to them.

I was the last grandchild to meet my mother’s father; he died just a few weeks before my first birthday. I don’t remember him at all. My grandmother took my sister and me to the Philippines to see him, and he died just a few days before Christmas. I can’t imagine what kind of a Christmas that was for my mother. Both her children were in another country, her father had just passed, and her mother-in-law was annoyed with her because she wasn’t being sociable. Little wonder my usually self-composed mother had a minor melt down and let my grandmother know exactly what was on her mind. And, amazingly enough, I think that must have been the first (and only) time my father’s mom was at a loss for words.

Anyway, my mom thought the world of her father. One of his greatest legacies was his ideas on education, which he passed onto his daughter (who then passed them on to her daughters). He believed that a solid education was the greatest investment anyone could make. After all, someone can always break into your house and steal all your material possessions, but the one thing no one will be able to take from you is your mind. And with a good education, you’d be able to replace all those material things, anyway.

As for my great-grandmother, well, she was a clever and very shrewd woman, just like my mother. I think it would be interesting to meet her, just for a little while, and get to know the woman who knew my own mother when she was just a little girl playing in the guava trees when she should have been napping instead!


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