Post-breakfast crash

There’s a reason I don’t eat much sugar. Seriously.

So, today is the one day out of the year that I’m allowed to do whatever I want (within legal limits). My grandmother taught me this and, well, who am I to argue?

For breakfast this morning, I had an avocado at home with the baby. Not exciting, but I like avocado and all the avocados I’ve been buying lately get mushed up as soon as they’re ripe and sent to school with the baby. The funny thing, of course, was as he watched me eat the avocado, he got a little agitated (it is, after all, a food he normally eats), so I had to share some of it.

Then, once I got to work, I was surprised with a container of chocolate covered almonds sitting on my desk (along with a couple of cards and the updated Better Homes and Gardens cookbook that I’ve been eyeing for several years). Now, I love nuts. (After all, we are what we eat.) I love almonds in particular. And the best almonds in the world (besides roasted and lightly salted) are chocolate covered. So, I had to sample a few.

And a few turned into quite a few.

And quite a few turned into many, until I realized I ate half of the container.

That was all before 11 this morning. And now I can feel my body rebelling and ready to crash.

Naptime, anyone?


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