At home today

Baby C is sick, or, at the very least, not feeling well. He let out a cry at midnight and, when Cute Husband went into the nursery to pick up and comfort the baby, threw up on his dad’s shoulder.

Not fun.

He then proceeded to throw up every 15-45 minutes thereafter, until around 4 am. Then it was just once per hour for the next four hours. I think he’s starting to hold down most of his food, so here’s hoping I’ve seen the end of the vomit for a while.

I got him to sleep for about 15 minutes before he woke up. I feel so bad when he wakes up and doesn’t see me right away. He looks panicked, almost desperate, then suddenly relieved when he sees me.

So, he’s on a liquid diet today. Tomorrow, I’m hoping he’ll be well enough to go to school, or, at least, start up on solids again.

And now we just did an explosive diarrhea in Mommy’s lap. He, at least, seems to be feeling better.

Oh joy, thy name is Motherhood.


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