My Out of Office notification tool

I just checked my Out of Office to see my last outgoing message and to set up this week’s message. Here’s what I last wrote:

I will be out of the office the afternoon of April 10, 2007 until the end of May. I will have limited access to e-mail, so please contact NS or DD in my absence.

Why do I find this so interesting?

April 10 was the date of my 36-week check up with Baby C. It was also the date Dr C told me that I was going to have a baby before the end of the week. And it was the last time I had a planned absence from work (beyond Baby C’s check-ups and such).

I also wrote that in a hurry, as I was clearing off my desk and trying to make sure I had everything in place before I went on leave. I was in early labor the next morning and had the baby the day after that.

[sigh] Good times.


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