Baby C has been asleep in his crib now for more than 2 hours.

Yes, he’s still breathing.

I’m currently uploading pictures to my favorite site so that I can share them with our families (my parents are in the Philippines right now and really would like to see some pictures of him soon), and as I type, I am listening intently for any sound coming from the baby’s room.

The fact that he has been sleeping this long in his crib without anyone in his room is a small miracle in itself. But, as I’ve been reading all sorts of articles and books on babies and sleep, I know that when the baby is ready to sleep on his own, he will do it. He first needs to trust me to know that I (or Cute Husband) will come to his rescue if he needs something, and only when that trust is established will he be okay sleeping through the night.

I, in turn, need to trust that he will eventually sleep through the night.

So, I’ve got one more set of pictures to upload and then I’m calling it a night. And, hopefully, he’ll stay down for another, oh, six or seven hours or so.

Here’s hoping, anyway!


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