Uninspired… again

How inspired do I really need to be to look over spreadsheets? Apparently, I need to be at least a little inspired, or I will stare at the spreadsheet for hours and see nothing, only to return to it after a few minutes and notice all sorts of discrepancies.

I’m going to blame it on my eyesight.

I’m going to the optometrist in a little while to get my eyes examined. My last examination was last July, before I was pregnant, and now that the baby is approaching 7 months old, it’s time for me to get them checked again.

I have terrible vision. When I was in 3rd grade, my grades started slipping terribly. My parents thought it may have been because of Child’s Play, but even when I was back in school regularly, my grades weren’t improving. In April of that year, I got my first pair of glasses, which would ultimately become huge Coke-bottle glasses as I got older. I got contact lenses my senior year of high school and never wanted to go back.

But, of course, having a baby changes that, too.

So, now I need to get my eyes checked and hopefully get a new prescription. And I’ll see if this doctor thinks I’m a good candiate for corrective surgery, too. With the baby constantly grabbing my glasses in attempts to use them as chew toys, I starting to think it’s time.

Besides, my sister did it and lived to talk about it, so…


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