Back from the eye doctor…

…and I’m feeling a little blind. I had to get my eyes dilated so he could look inside my eye, so my computer screen seems to be doing this weird psychedelic flickering thing. I’d be nauseous if I didn’t have such a strong constitution.

Anyway, this was my first visit to this eye doctor (hence the dilation), and I really like him! I loved the optometrist I saw when I lived in LA, but when I moved to Orlando, I needed to find a new optometrist. I saw Dr T for 10 years, and he knew all about my ocular history. I moved to Florida in 1999 and have gone through four or five different doctors in search of a comparable local doctor. And, with the chances that Baby C will probably need corrective lenses thanks to yours truly, I really wanted to find an optometrist that I liked.

Enter Dr L. His office staff, to begin with, is awesome. I called yesterday to schedule an appointment, and they saw me today. His office is also open on Saturdays, but I really needed a new prescription. Chris has an appointment on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, though, which is awesome because he won’t need to take time off from work.

Dr L explained all the tests, let me know my results, and let me walk around with a makeshift version of my new prescription. (Dr T was the last optometrist who would let me do that.) He also talked to me like a normal person. I have, after all, been wearing glasses for almost 25 years. Additionally, when it came time to establishing my new prescription, he set it for 20/15 instead of 20/20 (I’m currently seeing at 20/40 out of one eye and 20/60 out of the other), which was something else that no one has done since, well, Dr T.

I also told him I wanted to get screened for Lasik surgery, and within 20 minutes of leaving his office, I got a call from the Lasik facility! How crazy is that? Here, I was expecting to wait a few weeks or days, at least.

So, I seem to have lucked out now in my choices of healthcare providers. I have an awesome pediatrician who also happens to be my doctor, a terrific OB/GYN, and a wonderful optometrist.

Now I just need to go back to the dentist. Thankfully, I like him better than dentists I’ve had in the past, but I don’t think I’ll ever be happy having someone poke around my mouth.


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