Target for lunch

There is a reason I go to Target on my lunch break. Several reasons, actually, but the primary one is that I have a limited amount of time to spend at the store and will, therefore, not get sucked into the ritual of scouring each sale rack in the infants and toddlers section.

Except that I seemed to have forgotten that rule today, though I still managed to stay on schedule.

Baby C needs new pacifiers. He’s had the same three for the past 6 months, and it’s definitely time to retire them. Not that they’re damaged (I’m very careful about that), just that they’re, well, 6 months old. And besides, “they” say you’re supposed to switch out pacifiers every few weeks, so I’m going to guess that 26 weeks is long enough.

Anyway, that was the mission: go to Target and get pacifiers. And a pretend remote that Baby C can play with and use as a teething toy (which I couldn’t find). And he’s outgrown most of his socks, so he needs socks, too. And some sleepers, because he’s only got two that fit him now. And some dipper spoons, because he likes to play with his food (and I have a coupon). And some sippy cups with handles to get him used to holding them. I have a coupon for those, too.

And, for good measure (and in my efforts to do something nice for myself every once in a great while), I bought a cute little scarf for myself, too. Not that I need a scarf right now in Florida, but we’re going to New York next month and might be going up to Kentucky in December, so, I’ll need something to help keep me warm.

So, I survived the trip to Target, aka “New Mom’s Mecca”. I found some wonderful deals, and Baby C now has some perfectly adorable sleepers, but I’m a little mad at myself for not showing adequate self-control while trolling the sale racks. To be fair, there was a lot more that I left behind than I put in my cart.

Of course, most of those were the wrong size, too.


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