Update on Baby’s Stomach Virus

Baby C is doing much, much better, and is even back in school today! I was worried sick about him on Friday, but I left him in capable hands (Cute Husband stayed home with him) while I was at work, so I knew he would be okay. As it was, Cute Husband said that if he didn’t see the baby on Thursday night and know he was sick, by the way Baby C was behaving, you never would have known he vomited six times the day before.

Thursday night, when I brought him home, he was too tired to fight being placed in his crib, and he fell asleep right away. He even stayed asleep Friday morning after I placed him in his crib while I got ready for work. That’s how I knew he was still under the weather – he neverstays asleep for long in his crib. But by the time I got home from work, he was almost back to his usual rebellious self. By Saturday night, he was back at 100%.

So, we’ve both survived.

And it only reaffirmed precisely why I don’t wear anything that needs to be dry-cleaned anymore.


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