Baby’s first stomach virus

I got a call this afternoon from Baby C’s school. He had thrown up twice and had a rash all over, so could I please pick him up?

So, I ran into my director’s office, told her I needed to leave to get the baby because he’s vomiting, then dashed to daycare. On my way there, the school called two more times. Apparently, he was still vomiting and was now starting to shake.

Meanwhile, when I called the doctor, he didn’t have any openings left for the day. I spoke to his nurse, though, who assured me that it sounded like Baby C had a little stomach bug that would likely go away. But they could see him in the morning.

I was actually okay with this, until I saw the baby. He was listless, with absolutely no sparkle in his eye, and he was cranky and just not himself. So, I figured I would still bring him to the doctor, let the nurse take a look at him, and if she recommended taking him to the emergency room, well, the hospital is right there, anyway.

Between the car and the office, Baby C threw up on me. Twice. The nurse took one look at him and ushered us into a room right away, and Dr. W saw him shortly thereafter. And while Dr. W was with us, Baby C threw up again (on me, no less). Of course, as soon as he threw up again, he started to feel better.

And the shaking? It’s because he has a fever and is cold. So now he’s bundled up, slowly refilling his tummy with milk, and on the road to recovery. For the next 72 hours (just long enough for the weekend), I can expect Baby C to be clingy, to be a little cranky, and – most exciting of all – to have runny stools.

I can’t begin to imagine how excited Cute Husband is to be going to ScreamFest this weekend.


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