Today's good deed

I had an early meeting this morning (as I do every second Wednesday after month end), so Baby C had to be at school a little earlier than usual. This also meant I needed to top him off at school, lest he get hungry at 9:30 instead of 10:30, thus completely disrupting his feeding schedule.

While I was feeding him, I noticed one of his classmates, R, was crying uncontrollably in his crib, clad only in a diaper. It seems R soiled himself earlier this morning and didn’t have a change of clothes in his cubby. So, the poor little guy was very cold and very cranky.

Now, Baby C always has an overabundance of stuff at school. There was only one time that he was running low on something that I did not immediately have on hand to replenish (diapers, of all things!), but I called Chris and asked told him to run to Baby C’s school at his lunch break and drop off the diapers in his car. Baby C needed to take a diaper from someone’s stash, though, which was later replaced when Chris dropped off diapers… and this someone happened to be R!

Anyway, I double-checked Baby C’s cubby to see what clothing he still had. Last week, he soiled an outfit, so I knew he didn’t have as many clothes as usual, but I wasn’t sure what was at school. Sure enough, he had two plain white onesies and a sleeper that I really don’t like very much (all hand-me-downs), so I told the teacher, “If you can’t reach R’s parents, you can put him in Baby C’s clothes.” After all, they’re about the same size and Baby C has enough clothing to soil himself twice and still have something to spare.

So, I felt very good about my little deed, until I told Chris, who seemed more concerned that we may not ever get the onsie back than the fact that poor R was so cold because he didn’t have a change of clothes. He asked me if I honestly thought another parent would have offered clothing if Baby C was the one who had no clothes, and I said, if their child had enough clothes to spare, yes, I do think another parent would have offered clothing. After all, it’s the humane thing to do. And if another parent isn’t willing to do that, well, then that parent just sucks.

Maybe it’s a mom thing.

I once said that all I want for Baby C is that he grows up to be a healthy, decent, honest, and hard-working contributing member of society. I’d like to add that I want him to have a generous spirit, too, and a compassionate heart.


5 thoughts on “Today's good deed

  1. I think I would have done the same thing. I would feel guilty all day thinking about the poor cold baby that I didn't help out. Onesies aren't that expensive, so it shouldn't be a big deal if you don't get it back.

  2. See, and that's the thing – it's not a big deal! First of all, they were hand-me-downs to begin with. Second of all, he's giong to be too big for them in about three weeks. And third, I had the clothes to spare!
    Glad to know I'm not alone. Maybe it is a Mom thing.

  3. It is a mom thing and you will never see the onesie again. They may do that intentionally to collect clothes from over generous mothers so they don't have to buy anything for their baby.

  4. It's definitely a mother thing! And even if you don't get to see the onesie again, you did a good deed that will not be forgotten. If it was my baby, I'd like to think that some compassionate person would help out. Well now you can say that both babies have helped each other out. Good job, mama! =)

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