First playdate

Baby C had his first playdate this past Saturday. My friend, A, had her son in July, and we wanted to wait a little while before we brought the boys together. After all, her boy spent almost a week in the NICU before he could come home, and I wanted to make sure he was strong enough to combat any bugs Baby C might carry around with him.

We had a lot of fun. Well, A and I had a lot of fun. I don’t think the boys had much of an opinion. Baby C is used to seeing other kids in school, so her little boy wasn’t so much of a novelty, and her son didn’t mind having Baby C around, so, in that respect, they got along.

It was nice to see A again. We hadn’t seen each other since March, and, of course, a lot had changed for both of us since then. She’s now a SAHM, which I completely admire, though she said she sometimes wishes she had the alone time that I have daily. But each of us are very happy with our choices. It’s all a matter of perspective.

A is one friend who, on the surface, is a very unlikely friend. I say that because we have different opinions and ideas on lots of different things. She’s very conservative with a few liberal undertones; I’m very liberal with a few conservative undertones. She’s active in her church and carries a Bible in her purse; I’m not and I don’t. She’s super-outdoorsy and goes fishing, hunting, and camping every chance she gets; I’m more of an indoor-type and prefer to lounge on the couch every chance I get. She’s a little bit country; I’m a little bit rock & roll. And on and on and on.

But once you peel away the layers and get to the core of who we really are, A and I aren’t all that different. And I think it’s awesome to have a friend with whom I can have deep, intelligent conversations where each of us leaves the table a little more receptive to the other’s point of view but can remain unchanged in our convictions and walk away agreeing to disagree.

I can only hope that our boys can have the same kind of friendship once they get older.


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