The recalls hit home

Last week, my husband woke up to see that some of Baby C’s toys were on the latest recall list. He woke me to let me know there were some recalled toys in our son’s bedroom, and it was next to impossible to fall asleep after that.

But, as Baby C’s toys are still very limited in scope and number, it was easy to fix and didn’t affect any of us too terribly. After all, he’s still of the age where he could care less if you gave him a plush block or a burp cloth. As long as he’s got something he can stick in his mouth and gnaw on, he’s a happy little boy.

This morning, I arrived at work to find an urgent e-mail from my boss’s boss (forwarded to her from one of our lawyers) asking for a collective list, by vendor, of everything we sell or have sold that is at least 50% metal.

That’s asking for a whole lot.

Since our databases don’t include information on material composition, I’ve now had to go to a few vendors and ask them to designate what, of the things they have sold us, goes on this list. “Why do you need this information?” they ask. “Because my boss’s boss is asking for it, and I’m on a need-to-know basis only.”

What’s amazing to me is that almost all our vendors are American, but our vendors’ sources are from all over the globe. I can only hope this is a proactive exercise and not a reactionary one.


2 thoughts on “The recalls hit home

  1. It's alarming isn't it? I am already wondering what to do about christmas presents. Are the companies most effected by this actually the one's to go with, as they are probably being much more careful and conservative considering their recent bad press… or do I need to shell out $$$ for all natural wood toys for my children, made from organic paint? Sigh. Sometimes I wonder if it wasn't better in the previous generation when they didn't have to worry about lead, proper installation of carseats, child predators, internet porn, and all the other things that our generation has to worry about damaging our children. Sigh. I get overwhelmed just thinking of all the dangers out there in the world.

  2. I'm tempted to give my son cardboard boxes for Christmas! I know I find myself looking at his toys, wondering if the face painted on his worm rattle (which he seems to love to try to shove into his mouth) is done with lead paint, and other similar worries.

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