So, it could be a lot worse…

This morning, on the Today Show, Matt Lauer interviewed a 12-year-old from England who is allergic to just about every food imaginable. The poor thing has a tube attached to his stomach so that he can hook himself up to a feeding bag every night.

So, it could be a whole lot worse than just needing to cut out gluten from my diet so that Baby C’s eczema doesn’t flare up. He could be allergic to everything. At least he’s doing well with rice cereal, apples, avocado and butternut squash (that’s all we’ve tried so far).

I can take great comfort, then, in knowing that as difficult as it may be to completely cut out wheat and gluten from my diet, it could be worse. A whole lot worse.


One thought on “So, it could be a lot worse…

  1. So true. I have a good friend who's little girl has Celiac Disease and has to make special food for her everywhere they go. No fast food or easy dinners out… it's always work when it comes to eating. But she counts her blessings that they caught it early and there is treatment available to keep her little girl healthy and happy. Just one of those moments in life where you have to count your blessings. (((Hugs!)))

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