Product Review: OXO Food Mill

I found myself in need of a food mill once my son started solids, especially since I really want him to eat as much fresh food (versus jarred) as possible. So, I visted the first place I go when in search of kitchenware: Williams-Sonoma.

Williams-Sonoma carries three different food mills: one by All-Clad, one by OXO, and one by a French manufacturer whose name escapes me. All three would do the job adequately, but it was just a matter of deciding which would be best for me.

After testing out all three, I settled on the OXO model for several reasons: (1) it had the most comfortable grip, (2) it was easy to assemble and disassemble, and (3) it was the least expensive of the three ($50.00). The All-Clad food mill is nice because it fits into an All-Clad pot, but I found this feature unnecessary as I would be transferring food from the pot into the food mill, and not vice versa. So, I left the store with the OXO food mill.

After using it to puree food for my son this past weekend, I am exceptionally pleased with my purchase. It’s wonderfully easy to use and clean, and I really like the folding feet at the bottom that enable me to prop it up onto a very large bowl. (This would come in handy if I were to use the mill to make large portions of something, like grown-up mashed potatoes, for example.) Storage is really my only issue, but that has more to do with the fact that I have too many things in my kitchen than a design flaw.

If you’re in the market for a food mill, I highly recommend the OXO Good Grips Food Mill. I think it stands up to the pricier mills quite well.


2 thoughts on “Product Review: OXO Food Mill

  1. I really like it and it was wonderful having it when I was making baby food. MojitoMama is another great resource – her boy is almost 2 now but has been eating organic homemade food most of his life. She turned me on to a number of good cookbooks and such.
    There were so many things I made that were so much easier with the food mill, but I'll have to say that the one thing I wouldn't have been able to make without it was blueberries. Just cook the blueberries in a little water until they turn bright purple, then toss them into the food mill. A few turns of the crank and PRESTO! Pureed blueberries that The Boy (still Baby C back then) gobbled up with fervor!

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