Have soy sauce, will travel

One of the buyers came out of a meeting at the start of lunch exclaiming, “I can’t believe they didn’t pack the soy sauce!” It so happened they ordered out for sushi, but the restaurant left out that condiment.

“I have soy sauce,” I called. And, sure enough, I reached into my desk drawer and pulled out my little 5-ounce bottle of soy sauce. Sure, it was only half full, but that was more than enough for this group.

No one was surprised that I have soy sauce at my desk. I don’t think anyone would bat an eye if I decided, one day, to set up a small kitchenette in my cubicle (complete with toaster oven and portable burner). I think I shock more people by not having a food staple at my desk.

It’s almost a little unnerving.


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