For my next act, I require complete silence…

Baby C is already displaying signs of a dominant personality. (Where on earth did he get that? Hmmm…) During feeding sessions, whether it’s bottle or breast, he requires complete silence. Sometimes this extends to the radio and television, but it usually is relegated to, “No talking!”

This morning, as I was feeding him, my husband asked how he slept last night. I started to respond, when Baby C unlatched and whipped his head around to look at him. Cute Husband immediately apologized for interrupting his feeding, but the baby would have none of it. He continued to stare at my poor husband until he ducked out of the room altogether. Only then did Baby C resume feeding. Cute Husband poked his head around the corner and laughed (silently) when he saw the baby was eating again.

His teachers at school say he requires complete silence from them when he eats at school. If other kids are crying, he can deal, but the moment an adult tries to calm one of them, feeding is all over. And God forbid I should cough or sneeze while feeding him. He’s likely to launch into an inconsolable crying fit.

My funny, funny little boy.


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