I’m feeling so uninspired today. It’s not that I’m truly uninspired; rather, I’m just uninspired to get any work done. Fortunately, for me, I buckled down earlier today and finished all the pressing projects currently crowding my desk. And I suppose I can always start a new project soon enough, but, as I mentioned, I’m just not feeling it.

The greatest part of this lack of inspiration is that I’m worried (again) about Baby C. His teachers told Cute Husband yesterday when Cute Husband picked him up that he had diarrhea (again) and to watch his stools carefully. Just what we want to come home to: stool examination duty.

Well, Baby C hasn’t been pooping much lately, loose or otherwise. When he does poop, it’s a normal color, a normal consistency, and a normal smell. His appetite hasn’t lessened (in fact, if anything, it’s only increased), he’s not running a high temperature, and he’s not irritable, either. I can’t figure it out. So that’s weighing heavily on my mind.

I’m also getting more than a little nervous about my milk supply because I can’t seem to get ahead of his needs, which is just frustrating. Baby C typically has 24 ounces while I’m away from him, and he eats quite a bit while we’re together at home, too. But I need to make sure he has a minimum of 24 ounces available to him for every school day, and I feel like I can’t get ahead. Right now, there are 16 ounces in the freezer, 6 in the refrigerator, and 6 in my Mommy bag here at work that I need to redistribute when I get home. In other words, the baby has enough food for tomorrow, but I’ve got to buckle down and produce more for the rest of the week. Thank goodness it’s a thee-day weekend coming up – I usually can produce more when I’m at home with him than when I’m at work.

So, I’m uninspired largely because I can’t concentrate on tasks at hand. [sigh]


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