So, back in January (well before Baby C had entered the world), I wrote about my e-cycling troubles. Without rehashing the whole thing, let’s just say that I had a number of electronic items that were no longer working and needed to be recycled (opposed to dumped in a landfill to emit dangerous chemicals that would leech into the soil).

Well, those items are finally out of my house! I took advantage of the fact that Cute Husband is hanging out with his childhood friends today and attending a wedding tonight and loaded up my car with the broken computer monitor, old CPU, and defective speakers; made my way to the county landfill; and handed my electronic items over to the man collecting broken TVs and other electronic goods.

It’s a great feeling to finally have those things out of my house, and an even better feeling to know that they will be properly disposed of. I just wish it were an easier process, but all the same, Baby C and I weathered the trip well, and Baby C also got a solid lesson on the importance of recycling. How much of that lesson he retained (or even understood) is still up for discussion, but I like to think I’m setting a good example.

And it’s more stuff out of my house! How great is that?


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