Preschool Admissions: At least there isn't an exam…

Two weeks ago, I called my first pick for Baby C’s preschool to have them send me a brochure and application, Now,when I initially called before the baby was born, the Adnissions Director told me that I could submit an application for him at that moment. I digested that piece of information and filed it away for future knowledge. Sure enough, when I called, she had already received a number of applications for his class (mind you, he won’t start preschool until the 2010/2011 school year),

So, with the new school year upon us, I figure I need to get to work on Baby C’s application for enrollment, which includes an essay to be completed by yours truly. Thank God they’re not asking Baby C to write it. As prolific a writer as I like to say he is to those who look at his baby books, he truthfully hasn’t really mastered the whole word-formation concept yet. Shocking, I know.

The topic of my essay is quite simple: Tell us what you want a college preparatory education to offer your child. But my hang up right now, as it almost always is when writing papers or essays, is where to begin. (A list! Lists are always great for essays!) And, of course, this is a very important essay, as I’ve determined that it’s easier to get into college than into a private preschool.

No pressure, or anything.

Baby C won’t need to take a test to get into Pre-K3 at this school, but he’ll need to take tests at the end of each school year to matriculate to the next grade. So, I told Cute Husband, once we get him into the school, he’s guaranteed a spot through his Senior year of high school unless he gets kicked out.

I’m watching him sleep, sprawled out in my arms, and I’m wondering if he will ever thank me for any of this. I hope so, even if it’s not for another 30 years.

I don’t think private school admissions were this grueling when I was a kid. Well, I know 7th grade was more difficult (we had to take a pretty rigorous entrance exam), and high school probably would have been, too, if I didn’t start at the junior high level, but I don’t remember my preschool being so impacted. I’ll have to ask my mother about this. But, of course, private school wouldn’t even be up for consideration if, like my sister’s family, we lived in a county with awesome public schools. Granted, we’d pay for it in property taxes, but still.

At least my niece didn’t have to write an essay to get into Kindergarten.


8 thoughts on “Preschool Admissions: At least there isn't an exam…

  1. Write a list of the main points that you want to get across – then put them in some sort of order/structure.
    Then simply pad the points out with sentiment, evidence etc.
    (Are they letting the child in based on the parent's level of education – what if you want better for your child than you received?!)

  2. An admission essay for preschool that asks what you want for college prep for your child? Here I thought preschool was for learning the alphabet, coloring, and more basic stuff like that.

  3. Here's the funny thing: on the application, my husband and I need to list out where we went to school for college, too. I think my parents had to do that when I applied for college, but I don't think they needed to do it for my prep schools. I'm hoping my MBA will suffice as evidence that I take education very seriously.
    Anyway, the private school market is very competitive in my area (obviously). But it's pretty crazy, nonetheless.

  4. Yeah, the essay is pretty nuts, isn't it? At least they're allowing me to write it and not expecting Baby C to write it himself. If we were waiting until he was in 5th grade or later for him to attend this school, in addition to my essay, he would have to compose an essay himself on why he wants to attend this school. I figure I'm at least sparing him that torture by doing this early.

  5. wait. i'm confused. you have to apply for preschool 3 years in advance?! and you have to tell them about college? i'm confused. really confused.

  6. That's what's so ridiculous about this whole exercise. Yes, I'm applying for preschool 3 years in advance. And yes, I have to tell them how I expect them to prepare Baby C for college.
    There's nothing like planning ahead, I guess.

  7. "I expect your preschool to prepare my son for college by helping him to learn that play-doh is not for eating and books and toys are for sharing. and I would like a curriculum of the color wheel to be taught also. By teaching him those three things, he might learn, upon entering college, to avoid stuff in the refrigerator with the smell and consistency of play-doh, how to win friends and influence people in study groups, and how to avoid the inevitable "pink laundry" disasters."
    Just my two cents.

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