What a difference!

I’m holding Baby C right now as I type, listening to his breathing and watching his little face as he sleeps.

The bad thing about his rash is that we can’t swaddle him, which is to say he won’t go to sleep on his own. And that means my struggles from last week are not over.

But as long as the baby is comfortable…

Baby C is currently sans clothing – doctor’s orders. He’s just hanging out in his diaper, and he seems amazingly comfortable. This only makes me wonder what torture it must have been for him to have his lunatic of a mother dress him in long-sleeved pajamas and wrap him in a blanket at night. No wonder he broke out in a rash! I probably would, too!

Anyway, his rash has already cleared noticeably on his arms and chest. I’m anxious to see the rash – and the dry patches of skin – disappear completely. He’ll begin his new bath regimen tomorrow, and Dr. S said that will help with both the rash and the dryness. But more importantly, this morning’s visit to the doctor at least alleviated any concerns I had about this possibly interfering with next week’s shots. Dr S saw no reason Baby C wouldn’t be able to get them, and that was a relief.

In other news…

Cute Husband and Baby C played a lot together this afternoon, and Baby C kept rolling over from belly to back when he was trying to reach for his toys. Cute Husband said he would stretch his arm to reach for a toy, lose his balance, and flip over. It didn’t seem to bother him (meaning, he didn’t cry in frustration), but Cute Husband said it was funny. They also had a laughing contest, which made me happy to hear because it meant my baby was starting to feel like himself again.

Now, if only we could do something about this heat outside…


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