Best car buying experience ever

So, I spent much of last night awake, online, researching and searching for my next vehicle. And, much to my surprise, I found it: a 2007 Saturn Vue with fewer than 4,000 miles and priced at 20% less than the Kelly Blue Book suggested price. Now, I’ll be completely honest. It wasn’t the color I would have picked, nor did it have the interior I would have picked, and had my car not suddenly given up the ghost, I wouldn’t have even given it a second glance. But fortune smiled on me again and presented me the opportunity to purchase an essentially new car for a ridiculously low price.

Here’s where I’m going to do a shameless plug for the dealer who helped me out:

Mike Franey at Lakeland Toyota is the absolute best. I called in the morning to make sure he still had my car in stock, and when I explained that I was sans car and with baby, he offered to come to my house (a good 30 minutes from the dealership) and get me and the boy. I was stunned. This level of service was, in my opinion, above and beyond expectation. Within an hour and a half, he was at my house, installing Baby C’s convertible car seat (as the base for his carrier is still in my other car), and before long, we were on the road, headed for the dealership.

Now, it makes perfect sense for someone to offer to pick you up and bring you to their dealership. After all, you have no way of getting home unless you buy a car, right? It’s a brilliant move, but it also shows a level of customer service that I don’t often see.

On our way to the dealership, I explained what happened to my car and why I was interested in the Vue (keep in mind he works for a Toyota dealer). He, in turn, was able to tell me a little bit about the car (he picked me up in it to make sure no one sold it while he was getting me). Not once did he try to sell me a Toyota; he knew full well this was the car I wanted to purchase, and he was going to make it happen.

Baby C got hungry just before we got to the dealership, so as soon as we arrived, he set me up in a corner so that I could feed the baby. And while Baby C ate, I offered to start filling out paperwork. With the pesky paperwork out of the way and a baby with a full belly in his car seat, I test drove the vehicle, then waited for the finance manager. And throughout this entire time, Mike made sure I stayed well hydrated, Baby C was entertained, and the baby and I were both kept very comfortable.

It’s almost a shame that cars aren’t like shoes – you can’t really buy a whole bunch of them and rotate usage. Well, I suppose you could if you have an abundance of money and garage space, but, sadly, I have excesses of neither. But I would honestly buy from Mike again. This was honestly the best car buying experience ever.


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