When your car dies…

…you’ve no other option but to buy another one.

I own a 1997 Chevy Cavalier. It’s been a very good car. I drove it all over Southern California, and I took it to Las Vegas a number of times and snowboarding in Utah once, too. My parents made their first cross-country trek from Los Angeles to Orlando in it (along with a lot of my stuff) when I moved to Florida, and it carried Cute Husband and me to and from Kentucky numerous times, too. It’s a great little car.

Well, it was a great little car. Out of nowhere – just after I took it in to be serviced, in fact – the transmission decided not to shift gears, and I found myself struggling to coast my way back to work. I called the repair shop, and they sent two technicians out to check out my car. Several hours later, they determined it was my transmission and, sadly, I can look forward to a thousand dollars or more to repair it. So, now it’s parked at work (Cute Husband and Baby C picked me up from work tonight), and I have all day tomorrow to research and figure out how I’m going to pay for another car.


When Cute Husband’s car died, it gave us considerable warning. Now, I’m not sure that I’d prefer that scenario – after all, he spent about $1500 trying to keep it going before it finally went. As for me, I spent $300 on today’s service right before my car gave it up, so it wasn’t nearly as painful. But the lack of warning means I have absolutely no idea what car I want or where to go get it.

You see, my car was supposed to hold out until October or November, at which point I could put down a nice sum of money as a downpayment for a 2008 Saturn Vue Green Line. But the new Green Lines don’t come out until 4th quarter (which means I would be hard pressed to find a hybrid I can afford), so I would have to either buy the same kind of car that Cute Husband has or settle for a non-hybrid. And it will probably be a used one.


So now I have to do all this homework that, really, is just such a pain!


4 thoughts on “When your car dies…

  1. I know, right? It's like the end of an era. Even scarier is that it's going to be a normal color! I'm going to lose it in the parking lot for sure!

  2. My husband still drives his '97 Cavalier that he bought himself just out of college- it hit 200,000 miles but is showing signs of imminent death. I'm still shocked that it's hung on this long.Hope you get the car you mention above!

  3. I'm kind of sad about my little car dying. We had been through a whole lot together, that little car and me. But I needed to let go. It was time.

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