What a difference a day makes (and a change of perspective, too)

Two nights ago, I never would have thought it possible.

No, Baby C is not sleeping through the night (yet). I really think that would be this side of miraculous if he did it – literally – in one night. But he’s sleeping now in 3 – 4 hour stretches, which is the equivalent of his eating schedule, so I really have no grounds for complaint.

After talking to my sister about my struggles with him, she asked me to reconsider letting him cry himself to sleep. After all, he’s only 4 months old (today!), and he’s still eating on a fairly regular basis. So, I changed tactics a bit, and it seemed to work really well. At some point, yes, he’ll need to cut out one of his nighttime feedings, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Here’s how tonight went:

9:30 – Last feeding of the day. Had him swaddled already while I fed him, then put him down (still awake but drowsy and content) with his pacifier. After a bit of a struggle, during which one arm got free and Cute Husband had to reswaddle him, he slept without incident.

1:30 – I heard him fussing and went into his room to find him sans pacifier. I put it back and started to return to bed, only to hear him spit it out and continue fussing. After I realized it had been 4 hours since he last ate (and I was feeling particularly full), I fed him (still swaddled). Once he finished (unlatched on his own),  I managed to get out one tiny, feeble burp before putting him down (drowsy and content). I gave him some Mylicon to forestall any gas pains the remaining bubble might cause, then popped his pacifier in his mouth.

4:40 – Same as above, only that it had been 3 hours since he last ate.

So, he’s asleep in his own bed again, and I just wanted to jump online and give my little update before I forgot about it. (I think little anecdotes like these are best when delivered fresh.)

I’ve learned a few things over the past few days:

1. I am not a bad mother for letting him sleep with me because it afforded us both a chance to get some rest.

2. Cosleeping was, however, making me a little crazy because it cut into time with my husband, and it’s just as important for me to be a good wife as it is a good mother.

3. A boy who hated being swaddled from birth actually may change his tune at 4 months.

4. He may also change it back again, and I need to remain flexible.

5. My instincts are not off.


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