Sleeping like a baby (or not)

I have to thank everyone who commented on my last post about my non-sleeping baby with words of encouragement – and reminders that other moms (besides my own and my husband’s) have gone through this, too.

Bolstered with this new confidence, I dusted off some books my sister passed on to me, reread a number of strategies, and told my husband, in no uncertain terms, “Here’s what we’re going to do.”

Well, getting the boy to sleep initially was a challenge. He was rubbing his eyes, so I knew he was tired, but I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out why he wouldn’t settle down. Finally, it dawned on me that he wanted the closeness of being held by Mommy or Daddy, so I swaddled him, and POOF! Eyes still open, he quieted himself, and I left the room after telling him that Mommy and Daddy love him very much.

That was at 11 o’clock.

Fast forward to 1:20 (yes, I slept for two whole hours without the baby!), and I could hear him fussing. Don’t get up, I urged myself. I let him fuss for a few minutes, then got up to check on him as his sounds became more urgent. He managed to unswaddle himself a bit, which I quickly righted, then left after telling him that Mommy and Daddy love him very much.

But then the cries wouldn’t stop. In fact, they intensified. My husband rolled over and looked at me with this Aren’t-you-going-to-do-something-about-his-crying look, and I reminded him of the sleep strategies the books suggested. “This is where we’re going to need to be very strong during the week,” I said. (Yes, there’s a reason I waited until a Friday night to test out the books. Believe it or not, I anticipated this kind of reaction.)

At 1:40, after going back, giving him Mylicon drops (in case he had more than a little gas), leaving him alone for another five minutes, and still no end in sight for the crying, I picked up his tightly swaddled little body and rocked him to sleep. Careful to return him to bed before he hit absolute unconsciousness, I watched him squirm a bit, accept his pacifier without protest, and settle down into a quiet near-sleep state.

I’ve since heard him make a few gurgling sounds, but nothing to cause me to rush into his room and check on him immediately.

We may survive this yet. I’ll keep you all posted.


2 thoughts on “Sleeping like a baby (or not)

  1. Thanks! That makes 2 of us. Baby C is definitely one for routines (he gets that from me), and we haven't exactly established a solid nighttime routine with him yet. So, hopefully we'll be able to get one in place before he goes to the doctor again (on the 22nd).

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