Baby C's new classmate

As difficult as it is to leave Baby C at school each morning, I’m very glad that I went back to work as early as I did. I’m also very glad Baby C is already accustomed to having other people watch him during the day.

When I dropped off Baby C at school today, there was a little boy, probably about 10 months old, standing in the crib next to Baby C’s crib. He was crying – sobbing, really – and my heart just broke. I said to him, “Hello, there! I don’t think I’ve met you before!” The teachers told me his name was M and that today was his first day. I continued talking to him. “M, you’re doing just fine. This,” I said, holding up Baby C, “is C. Hopefully you guys will be able to play together.”

Baby C was blissfully asleep this whole time. I put him down in his crib, at which point he opened his eyes and began to fuss. When this happens, I turn on the mobile over his crib, then tell him where I’m going and what I am doing, and he settles down. It takes all the willpower I can muster to keep from scooping him up again, but I know it’s a necessity. Today, he was staring at the turtle.

Once Baby C quieted down, I took his bottles to the refrigerator and put them away. One of the teachers took M out of his crib, and he walked over to me, still sobbing.

“Oh, M, are you having major separation anxiety?” One of the teachers nodded knowingly, and M – without any prompting – crawled into my lap and put his arms around me.

Now, M looks nothing like me. Baby C only resembles me in passing, and he’s even got my dark hair and brown eyes. M is a little blond boy with bright blue eyes and hardly any hair. But needless to say, M gave me a hug and, when I hugged him in return, stopped crying almost immediately.

“You just want to be held, don’t you?” I said, releasing him so I could stand up, and the water works began once more. “Your mommy will be back,” I assured him. “It may be a while, but I promise she will be back.”

And as I made my way back to say goodbye to Baby C (still studying the turtle on his mobile), it dawned on me once more how sweet my little boy is. He doesn’t cry unless he needs something, and even then, I think he knows his needs will be met. At times, I wish he would miss me a little bit more, but when I walk into the room and his whole face lights up when he sees me, I know he’s happy to see me. And after seeing poor little M today, I’m suddenly grateful that Baby C is as confident as he is.

Let’s just hope this continues on into adolescence.


One thought on “Baby C's new classmate

  1. It probably doesn't help, for M, that he's starting daycare at the peak of separation anxiety. I've heard 6-12 months is the worst for that. It sounds like baby C is a calm, secure baby. Good job, momma!

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