It was bound to happen

Ever since Baby C started school (daycare), I’ve been careful to drive past the turn to get onto the freeway so that I can take the back roads to his school. The back roads are actually the quickest way to get there, both in mileage and in time.

Anyway, it was inevitable that I would find myself on the freeway this morning, still singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, with the baby in the back seat. And it wasn’t until I was past the exit I would take to go to the doctor that I realized, “Oh my God! I still have Baby C!” Fortunately, the next exit is the best exit to take him to school (if I were taking the freeway each morning, which I don’t), so it wasn’t totally tragic, but still. The only consequence was arriving at work a few minutes late (but not so late that anyone noticed).

And through it all, Baby C remained blissfully unaware of his mommy’s error. He only protested when he woke up and found himself in his crib at school.


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