What a productive weekend!

I can’t remember the last time I had such a productive weekend. Seriously. Everyone was productive this weekend, too!

Cute Husband and our friend Doug painted the front room until the paint ran out. (I didn’t know how much to buy and only bought a gallon and a quart. I need to get two more gallons to finish off the room and the entryway.) This was a project that’s been on my To Do radar for quite some time, so seeing the “Christopher Robin’s Swing” green on the walls was such a monumental achievement. I almost wept.

Baby C laughed. It wasn’t just one of his “heh heh heh” laughs, but an actual laugh, complete with squeal and giggle. I wish I knew what it was that made him laugh. I picked him up from his swing and cuddled him, calling him a stinkpot because he just wanted Mommy’s attention and was just like Mommy in that respect, and then he said something (what, I don’t know) and found it so funny, he laughed. And he did it a few more times, then wouldn’t laugh for the rest of the weekend. I only wish I knew what it was that cracked him up.

Baby C is trying to pull himself up to sitting position. Now, this is a funny thing to watch. And it usually happens right before he poops. He’ll brace himself, then move his shoulders forward, one at a time, until he’s upright. But, because he still has limited control over his body, he doesn’t stop at upright but sort of crumples over, either face-first or to the side. But the first time, he crumpled over face-first.

Baby C discovered his feet. I’ve yet to see Baby C play with his hands, but I’ve noticed his feet (even with socks) and toes offer loads of entertainment. He would grab for his foot, get a hold of it, then utter a protest because something was holding his foot, so he’d let go of his foot… and the cycle would start over again. I don’t know who between us was more amused, honestly.

I (almost) finished Baby C’s Second Month baby book. And when I say almost, I really mean it. I literally have one more page to do – and I just need photos from BK’s camera to finish it. It took two weeks for me to finish the book chronicling his first month, and two days to finish the second month. How excited am I to have this done? (I have to confess these books are not scrapbooks. I know, it’s a travesty, and no one could berate me more than I’ve already done. But these photo books let me arrange photos and journaling before too much time has elapsed and I have no recollection of what these pictures mean, other than the day they were taken. Besides, I can get copies made for his grandmothers. And I’m not entirely sure why, but I still feel it’s necessary to apologize openly to my fellow scrapbookers.)

Cute Husband and Doug are planning on finishing the front room this weekend, and I ought to be able to work on Month Three next weekend, too. As for Baby C, we’ll have to wait and see what else he has in store for us!


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