Monday Musings: Slow news day?

I might have mentioned in previous posts that my cubicle is next to the break room. As such, I know when people are congregating there, and it only takes a bit of prarie-dogging to find out why.

This afternoon, people were huddled around the TV, watching the events of a car chase in Dallas unfold. A few weeks ago, there was a car chase in Southern California, and a few weeks before that, there was a car chase in some other metropolitan area. It seems there’s always a car chase on TV.

Well, it got me thinking… Is news really so slow that we need to see car chases? After all, the last time I checked, there’s a war in Iraq, the Middle East in general is completely messed up, the new Prime Minister in England doesn’t see eye to eye with our President (but, really, who does?), the Gulf Coast is still struggling to rebound from the hurricane season two years ago, and glaciers are melting. These are just things that are top of mind, too. I’m sure I could come up with a number of other news stories just by scanning the Internet.

I don’t understand television news broadcasters sometimes. I mean, really.

It’s not even like the driver is anyone famous, either!


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